Dr. Keunbok Seo


  • B. Eng. School of Engineering, Seoul National University

  • M. Jur, School of Law, Korea University

  • Ph.D., School of Law, Korea University


  • SEO & SEO International Patent & Law Offices, ’98 – present

  • Lee & Ko Law Offices, ’96 – ’98

  • Kim & Chang Law Offices, ’91 – ’96

  • BASF Co. Ltd., ’91

  • Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, ’84 – ’91


Chemical Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals, Biochemistry, Food Technology, Trademark and Copyright Licensing



Papers & Articles

  • Regulation under Antitrust Law on Licensing of Improvement, Korea Univ., School of Law, 2008.

  • A Study on Scope of Similarity of Personal Name Trademark, “Trade Remedy Review,” Korea Trade Commission, 2006.

  • Incontestable Obligation of licensee, “Corporate Law in Knowledge Industry,” Bakyoungsa, Dec. 2005.

  • A Comparative Study on Stick Licensing and Carrot Licensing, Korea Univ., Graduate School of Legal Study, 2003.

  • Reach-Through Licensing Practice in Korea, Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, 2002.

  • Practice for Medicine Invention in Korea, CIBA Geigy AG, 1996.

  • A Study on Time-Criteria for Determination of Range of Equivalents International Intellectual Property Training Institute, 1992.

  • Ionomer Membrane for Pervaporation of Water/ethanol Mixture, Kyoto, Japan, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 32nd International Symposium on Macromolecules, 1988.8.

  • Characteristics of Ethylene Ionomer Blending With Polyolefins, Fukuoka, Japan, The Polymer Society of Japan, 37th Symposium on Macromolecules, 1988.8.

  • Mechanical and Barrier Properties of Ionic Membrane, Dongguk Univ., The Polymer Society of Korea, 1987 Spring Plenary Session & Symposium, 1987.5.

  • Kinetic Study of the Radical Polymerization of N-(1,1-dimethyl-3-oxobutyl)acrylamide in solvent, Korea Science and Engineering Foundation, 1986.12.